Say goodbye to overwhelm and stress, say hello to mindful living.

In some way or another, we have all tried to live a mindful life – we bought the latest workout plan, we read that self-help book, or we purchased a calming kit.

But, even with our best intentions, we didn’t stick to the routine or we didn’t use what we bought. The thing is, life happens.

Most of the things you have tried  are actually amazing ways of living a mindful life. But each of our lives and circumstances are different, and what worked for someone else may not work for you. And that’s okay

I believe that sometimes we set goals and expectations that do not align with us (in fitness, nutrition, or mindfulness), and when things do not go as planned, we end up doing nothing instead. 

Then, we most likely blame ourselves – “Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. Maybe I am not good enough, disciplined enough”.

But that’s far from the truth. Our schedules are unpredictable, accidents happen, and overall, we are all living busy lives. So, even if you are going through a hectic phase in your life, my mission is to provide you with the content and resources that you can adapt to your health goals and needs.

Irene Mejia, RDN, CPT, MBSR

Meet Irene

Irene is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, mindfulness expert, blogger, and an entrepreneur.

Irene firmly believes in developing mindfulness habits in all aspects of our lives. Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment. 

However, most of us are living very busy presents – we are stressed and overthinking, short on time, and with an enormous to-do list.

Irene emphasizes on realistic, sustainable changes that we can adapt to our current lifestyle and diet, so we can add a little bit more balance to our day-to-day.

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